About Therapy

"I take an integrated approach, using various proven effective therapeutic tools and techniques. I customize a treatment plan based on my client's unique personality, values, needs, and goals. I am respectful and affirming of my client's lifestyle and spirituality."

My first goal is to help my clients feel comfortable and safe, reassuring them of confidentiality and offering a compassionate non judgemental relationship. When the situation calls for it, I like to “address issues from all sides”; healing from the past while changing the present, and instilling hope and a plan for the future.

      There may be some issues, like abuse, trauma, unhealthy boundaries, broken relationships, unforgiveness, unresolved grief, sexual dysfunctions, or attachment issues, that may require a several sessions to uncover and heal from the long term patterns, deep pain, and fear. I think is important to look at the past to loosen up the root cause of the issue, however it is not always necessary for a client to be in long term therapy before they can experience relief and change. 

I help couples by offering various opportunities to heal, repair, and rebuild trust. Couples receive training to improve communication and learn conflict management skills. We work on creating and practice healthy boundaries and mutual respect. Using Gottman Method for Couples, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and sensate exercises, a couple's emotional and physical / sexual intimacy can be regained, hurts can be healed, trust can be rebuilt and relationship satisfaction increased!

     Depending on the issue and the client, after using a person-centered supportive start, I may use a combination of CBT, REBT, narrative therapy, Gestalt therapy, psychodynamic therapy, or experiential exercises. Mindfulness, acceptance and commitment , coping skills, and EFT Tapping are tools I offer to train my clients to use. These can be especially effective with anxiety/ panic and depression.

     I use psychoeducation to teach my clients about their issues and relationship dynamics so they can have a true understanding and become the author of their own story.

     I ask challenging questions to motivate and entice self-reflection and personal responsibility. I ethically incorporate spirituality and religious practices at the clients request. I use a holistic approach that values the interaction between the mind, body, and spirit. I strive to empower my clients and offer a “take away” each session; something they can think about, do differently, or an insight or skill to work on.

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